St. Mary
Swerford (6)

Swerford is a very small unspoilt village some 5 miles from Chipping Norton and has around 150 inhabitants.

Jenny Tustian
Ringing: Sunday variable with Hook Norton and Wigginton
Practice: No

The church was built around the 13th century and is constructed of the local golden stone. It is situated off the Banbury to Chipping Norton Road and can reached easily by two paths through the churchyard which contains four yew trees.

There are six bells, rung from the ground floor. The tenor weighs 6 cwt 2qrs 6lbs and has a diameter of 2ft 9.25inches. The bells are inscribed as follows:


Treble 1998 Whitechapel Founders Second 1823 By William & John Taylor Third 1876 Cast again by Matthew Bagley Fourth 1723 Richard Saunders Fifth 1766 Matthew Bagley Tenor 2ft 9.25inches 1695 William Bagley of Chacombe 6 cwt 2qrs 6lbs

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