St. Denys
Little Compton (5)

Little Compton is a small village of some 250 people situated to the West of Chipping Norton.

Susie Cooper
Ringing: No regular Sunday
Practice: No regular practice

There is a local pub, a village hall and a thriving bowls club, but no shop, post office or school. The history of the village goes back to the 11th century when it was known as Compton in Floribis – Compton in the Flowers.
The original church on the site was built in the Norman period. Extensive rebuilding in 1863/4 almost obliterated the original work, although Norman remains can still be seen forming part of the small window in the South side of the Chancel. Further work was carried out in the 1930s when the small chapel on the South side was made out of an existing side aisle. The windows in this chapel depict Edward the Confessor and St Denys on the left and the story of the execution of Charles 1 on January 30th 1649 in the right. This window is known as the Juxon window after Bishop William Juxon who lived in the village at the time and was a close friend of Charles 1

Linked with Chastleton and Salford

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