St. Nicholas
Chadlington (6)

Chadlington (O.S. ref. SP334219) has a population of approximately 900 and is located in Evenlode Valley, four miles south west of Chipping Norton.
The church was first mentioned in the Eynsham Abbey rolls of 1197, which contain a reference to the “chapels of Chadlington and Shorthampton”. A round arch in the north wall of the nave is Saxon and pointed arches in the naves are in the early English style (1190 – 1275). The rounded arch of the south door and some of the windows in the south aisle are of the traditional style (1150 – 1190).

Kenneth Wakefield
Ringing: 4th Sunday 9:30 am
Practice: Monday 7:30 pm (variable with Spelsbury)

There are a peal of six bells which were refurbished in 2006, The tenor weighs 9cwt. and the bells bear the following inscriptions:
Treble: Robert and James Wells, Aldbourn, Wilts, Fecit 1796. Whites of Appleton Church Bellhangers recast Whitechapel 2006. Given by Faith King, a friend of many 1917 –
Second: Let it ring merrily A.R. 1714
Third: God preserve the Queen A.R. 1714
Fourth: Peace and good neighbourhood A.R. 1714, Bond and Sons Founders, Burford 1911
Fifth: W. Taylor Oxford Fecit AD MDCCCXLdI
Tenor: Anno Domini MDCCCXLdI Revd. Thomas Silber DAC Vicar
The history of the bells of St. Nicholas Church, Chadlington:
Bells have been rung regularly at Chadlington since medieval times. However there is no record of the number of bells prior to 1763 when it is known that a complete ring five bells was brought from Nuneham Courtney church which had been demolished. These “new” bells, which were installed in 1764, had all been cast in 1714 by Abraham Rudhall of Gloucester. Later two more bells, the treble and the sanctus, which had been cast in 1796, were added. In 1846 two of the bells (4th and 5th), which were by then 150 years old, were re-cast.
After a further 65 years (in 1911) the 4th bell was was again in need of attention and was re-tuned (and probably re-cast although no record exists).At the time of the refurbishment in 2006, two of the bells (2nd and 3rd) bore their original date of 1714, two (5th and tenor) were dated 1846 and one (4th) was dated 1911. Thus the newest bell was almost 100 years old whilst the oldest bells were almost 300 years old. During the refurbishment in 2006 bells 2nd → tenor had the remains of their cast-in wrought-iron staples drilled out and the flawed tenor was weld-repaired. These five bells were re-tuned and the undersized treble, formerly by Robert & James Wells was recast to the correct size and was given by Faith King. The six bells were re-hung with new fittings in the existing cast-iron frame. The re-tuned pitch of the tenor is F# plus 46/100 of a semi- tone.


Tenor 3’-31/2” 1846 William Taylor F# 8 - 3 - 13 5th 2’-11” 1846 William Taylor G# 6 – 3 – 04 4th 2’-83/4” 1911 Bond & Son A# 5 – 1 – 16 3rd 2’-75/16” 1714 Abraham Rudhall I B 5 – 0 – 25 2nd 2’-51/8” 1714 Abraham Rudhall I C# 4 – 0 – 24 Treble 2’-31/2” 2006 Whitechapel D# 4 – 0 – 13

Whites of Appleton Ltd., Church Bellhangers
(Established 1824)

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